→ it's you and me moving at the speed of light into eternity.

feel the melody and the rhythm of the music.


this is me; aleex

the name's aleex. 18 years old. sweden. high school.

i'm easy going, talkative, chill. generally spunky, upbeat, happeh. sometimes sad, whiny, shallow (and maybe easily hurt too but whatever). very nice, awesome, funny (i am okay!). enjoys reading, writing, drawing daydreaming, watching dramas. chuck & how i met your mother. scented candles and cookies, pies, candies are my life.

mommy, when i grow up i will be an architect, or maybe a product designer. knows swedish, english, seven years (in vain) worth of french, learning japanese and self-studying korean. going off to read korean in stockholm in august 2011.

i'm married to lovestrucksmile whom i love with all my heart whilst fakestache is the nemesis i will forever hate with all my might. azaello is mah pimpin' grandma.

oh jung kyu is mah sexy soulmate.
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